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11 Alive: Victims of Reserve at LaVista Walk apartment fire file lawsuit over ‘potential landlord negligence’

Victims of a massive apartment fire on the edge of Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood announced a class action lawsuit on Saturday at a press conference with attorneys. 

A group of residents gathered at The Original Pancake House, across from the charred complex, “to brief the community about the negligent safety record of Avenium, the building’s commercial landlord,” a news release from a litigation firm read. 

“We really just wanted to give an opportunity for the people whose lives have been drastically impacted, to say the least, by the fire,” Ken Thaxton, one of the attorneys on the case, said. 

Several residents then shared their experiences at the complex, recounting its devastating impact on their lives. 

“I lost every art piece that I have done since I was 12 years old,” Alyssa Greene, a resident, said. “I lost my family’s recipes that they’ve been passed down for almost a hundred years. I lost every stuffed animal I’ve had since elementary school.”

Other residents stepped forward to speak about ongoing issues at the complex, including reports of black mold, flooding and more.


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